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Papua New Guinea Embraces Voter Enrollment Technology From Credence ID

Biometric Voter Registration in Papua New Guinea Benefits from Cost Effective Solution from Credence ID.

EMERYVILLE, California, USA, October 14, 2020 – Credence ID, a worldwide leader in mobile biometrics and credential reading technology, today announced a second successful field trial of its mobile biometric voter enrollment solution during the Kupiano elections in the Abau district of Papua New Guinea. This voter registration took place on October 7th in preparation of the upcoming national elections.

“The biometric voting registration system will eradicate fraud like inflated common rolls, ghost names and underage voters. This technology is easy to use for both the operators and voters. We are now improving on the first trial and will do more trials to get prepared”, said acting electoral commissioner Simon Sinai.

The mobile enrollment solution included the CredenceTAB™, an integrated biometric collection and matching platform, which intuitively captures 10 fingerprints, a face, a signature, and the registration location of voters. Voter information was pre-loaded on the CredenceTAB and new voters were quickly validated and added to the roles on the spot. The collected data was then exported securely into the central database, where it is compiled, de-duplicated and tallied along with existing records to create a clean and incontrovertible voter roll.

“As a US-based company with partners around the world, we are very proud to be supporting the foundational democratic process of fair, open and inclusive elections in Papua New Guinea,” said Bruce Hanson, President and CEO of Credence ID. “The combination of our hardware, software and services, including VIBE™ (an intuitive and adaptable enrollment application), CredenceCONNECT™ (a SaaS offering for device and data management) and CredenceTAB™ (a rugged fully-integrated mobile biometric device), provides a comprehensive and proven solution for voter ID projects. Additionally, and perhaps our greatest assets are our in-country partners. They have tremendous experience and share our passion about getting elections right.”

Using non-personally identifiable information (PII), CredenceCONNECT allowed election officials to centrally track and monitor enrollment of future voters in the field. These activities can be mapped, analyzed, and securely managed from any web browser. Interactive Google maps enables administrators to both pinpoint where registration devices are physically located and where they have been within user-defined timeframes. Selecting a device within a map gives election officials the entire view of that terminal, including what software and version are running, how many enrollments, verifications, and ID card reads have been executed, battery health, and many other important tools to keep the whole system healthy.

About Credence ID:

Credence ID, LLC is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses exclusively on mobile biometrics and credential reading technology delivering an easy-to-use ID platform which consists of hardware, the Credence SDK for Android developers and CredenceCONNECT™ for program administrators. The company possesses extensive technical expertise in projects involving mobile fingerprint, iris, facial recognition and credential reading technologies, and offers a broad line of mobile products capable of enrollment, identification, verification and software management tools to partners worldwide.

For more information on Credence ID, please visit www.credenceid.com +1-888-243-5452, or sales@credenceid.com.

You can find the PDF version here: Credence ID Extends and Enhances its Mobile Device Management Suite with CredenceCONNECT 2.0