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Newsletter – April, 2017


Dear Credence ID Partner,

A warm welcome to our Company update!

We are off to a flying start in 2017, with exciting product introductions and enhancements scheduled to launch this year and designed in close cooperation with our partners. Innovation is the cornerstone of our development strategy, and driven by your requests.

In this news flash we will share with you some of the use cases in which Credence ID products continue to deliver value to our partners. In particular, we take a closer look at mobile identification facilitating patient access to health care in Ivory Coast as well as how Cameroon police are enhancing their identification capabilities and improving public safety.

You will also be pleased to learn about our latest achievements in enhancing device ruggedization. We have launched new protective casing for the CredenceONE with fantastic benefits in terms of device protection and portability.

Thank you for taking the time to stay tuned with developments from Credence ID. The team is excited about updating you further at one of the upcoming industry events: ID4Africa in Namibia at the end of April, and connect:ID in Washington the first week of May. At these exhibitions we will be showcasing our latest mobile ID solutions and you can see for yourself how busy we’ve been on these exciting developments.
Please drop by for a hands-on presentation and demo.
Best Regards,

Bruce Hanson
President & CEO
Credence ID


CONTENT: Ivory Coast • Cameroon • CredenceONE Belt Clip • New Credence Demo Application • Meet us at the following events!


Ivory Coast: CredenceONE supporting National Health-Care

The United Nations has repeatedly pointed out that an universal health-care system would play a key role in the development of Africa. In 2014, the government of the Côte d’Ivoire kicked-off a universal medical cover system (CMU), a program intended to respond to the problem of difficult access to healthcare by segments of the population. The challenge: drastically increase the proportion of the population enjoying health care, as at the start of the program only 5% of Ivoirians were covered by insurance.

Today, Belgium-based Zetes, a Credence ID VAR and System Integrator, has developed the infrastructure for the biographical and biometric registration of citizens. A biometric database ensures the integrity and uniqueness of the data collected. Health insurance beneficiaries receive cards that comply with the security standards for identity documents.

With their health insurance card, citizens can go to pharmacies and hospitals to receive health care services. For verification of identity, and to authenticate the holder of the card as the person insured, the application developed by Zetes for CredenceONE reads the bar code on the card with the integrated face camera that contains the encrypted fingerprint template. This fingerprint data is then compared to the Fingerprint captured ‘live’ on the device, and, when positively matched, the beneficiary is granted access to the relevant service.
Once the service has been delivered, the CredenceONE app generates a message with the details of the event and eventual corresponding prescription and sends this to the national health-care management system for further processing.

The CredenceONE compact form factor, fingerprint, and card reading capabilities as well as its full set of communications, supports the rapid deployment of Ivory Coast’s new health care system that will eventually cover the country’s 23 million inhabitants. It plays a key role in the authentication of health-care beneficiaries as the cornerstone for handling reimbursements.


Cameroon: CredenceONE for Police Mobile

As evidenced by The World Bank’s Identification for Development report of January 2016, digital technologies, including biometrics are providing an unique opportunity to build a robust and efficient identification system for the benefits of a country’s inhabitants.

Launched in 2016, Cameroon’s new national identity card and the complete overhaul of its system of identification and card production for new documents are an illustration of the will of the country’s authorities to strengthen security on its territory, in particular by combating ​identity theft and document fraud.​

With Gemalto, Cameroon’s General Delegation for National Security opted for an innovative technological solution that puts Cameroon at the forefront of African nations in the field of secure identity documents. The electronic identity documents, in credit card format, are designed to combat fraud and have multiple, both visible and invisible, security features incorporated into them. In addition, the new identity card is biometric and electronically stores ten fingerprints.

The authorities have also opted for Gemalto’s mobile verification terminals based on CredenceONE. This solution plays a key role in one of the use cases of the Cameroon’s new National ID. Gemalto developed an application for police mobile ID that implements rapid fingerprint verification of citizens matching a ‘live’ fingerprint captured by the device against the one stored on the holder’s National ID card. Leveraging the CredenceONE design for mobility, police officers can now authenticate a person’s identity in any operational environment without the need to take a subject back to the police station.


CredenceONE: New carrying case and belt clip

Credence ID is proud to introduce our protective case built exclusively for the CredenceONE. With an optional belt holder, the case was designed based on feed back directly from our customers and partners. The case features an open front for access to the CredenceONE touch screen as well as the fingerprint sensor. Access to the micro-USB port as well as the power button is through openings on the side of the case. Additionally, the case can be used with the wrist lanyard that is included with every CredenceONE.

This stylish and rugged design offers protection from environmental hazards as well drops from 1.5 meters. The optional belt holder provides users with an easy and secure way to carry CredenceONE. Simply sliding the connector into the dock locks it securely in place.

Once docked, the CredenceONE can be rotated in any of seven positions. Undocking CredenceONE takes only seconds. Simply rotate the case to an inverted position and it slides free. For a video demonstration please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtOGzKDovKI


New Credence Demo Application

Credence ID Demo application in operation on the TRIDENT.

The Credence mobile device line-up offers a wide range of product/feature combinations to ensure each device is optimally equipped to address the specific requirements of the target use cases it was designed for. As our strategic focus is on the crossroad between mobile and biometrics, all platforms incorporate at least one biometric capture modality (fingerprint, iris, face), while all products have credential reading capability (smart card, passport or bar code).

To the great benefit of our customers and developer community alike, we offer a single SDK that runs across all platforms. The SDK is ‘aware’ of the specific product on which it is installed such that it can activate the relevant API’s to drive the peripheral functionality (readers and cameras) of that particular device. As a result, an application that is developed for one device can easily be brought over to another Credence product and adapted to the new peripheral feature set.

The latest Credence ID demo application effectively illustrates this capability. It demonstrates biometric and biographic data capture, enrollment and matching, as well as transmission of the enrolled information to an external receiver.

To demonstrate Credence products to your customers out-of-the-box you can order the demo application as a product to be delivered with your purchase.

Next Exhibitions: Trustech, Connect:ID & ID4Africa

ID4Africa Pan-African Forum &Exposition on DIGITAL IDENTITY!

Windhoek, Namibia, 26– 28 April 2017, Booth C20
We are pleased to attend the 3rd ID4AFRICA Forum, hosted by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration (MHAI) of the Government of Namibia. Will you be joining us? Learn what role Credence ID can play in this year’s theme: PATHWAYS TO DIGITAL IDENTITY. Please drop by for a chat and demonstration at Booth C20.


Washington D.C., USA
1– 3 May 2017

connect:ID is a global meeting point to debate cutting-edge ID management solutions and bring together all the stakeholders under one roof. Credence ID will participate again this year and we would be pleased to demonstrate our technology and discuss how our solutions can fit your projects and requirements.