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CredenceTWO™ – A First in Handheld Biometrics and Credential Reading Technology

This new and innovative technology platform places the power of mobile identification and authentication into the hands of developers and users for critical identity applications.

CredenceTWO features the most advanced enrollment quality fingerprint sensor combined with state of the art smart card reading, paired with a 5-inch HD display running Android 7.1 (Nougat).

The platform features the award-winning Credence single board computer (SBC), an integrated FAP 30 FBI PIV certified fingerprint sensor, a 5 MP optical camera with dual LED illumination for barcode and QR code reading.

Advanced security is enhanced with a custom Android™ 7.1.1 OS (Nougat), creating unlimited possibilities for application developers to build trusted solutions for virtually all identification projects.

Design Features

CredenceTWO’s design is the result of years of cooperation between Credence and our partner network. Larger fingerprint capture area, expanded card reading capability, longer battery life, greater security, a larger display and more communication options were just a few of the advancements Credence considered and achieved when designing this breakthrough product.

Users can now carry this identification powerhouse on their belt or in their pocket without the need for multiple readers and scanners tethered to a computer, laptop or tablet.

Key features include a high resolution, 5-inch, multi-touch, outdoor-readable display to facilitate comfortable data entry and a rich user interface.

The rugged FBI, PIV, FAP-30, TFT/LES fingerprint scanner quickly and accurately captures a full fingerprint in all lighting conditions and because of its size, meets all the requirements for large scale identification for civil biometric programs.

Fully configured, the CredenceTWO includes a contact and contactless smart card reader allowing the operator to compare the data on the card to the live scan of the subject’s fingerprints. When capturing a subject’s face, the HD camera includes dual illumination for ICAO compliant images.

Advanced Technology & Mobility

Designed to support multiple applications, CredenceTWO empowers partners to build and deploy customized solutions for their desired objectives, work-flows, environments and use cases. CredenceTWO enables partners to build applications for one-to-one or one-to-many, large-scale mobile enrollment programs and eID verification solutions.

CredenceTWO is a major advancement in mobile biometric platforms and is used for identifying subjects in applications such as law enforcement, border control, healthcare, banking, education and KYC programs.

The CredenceTWO is ideally suited to such demands, providing enrollment or identity verification during election processes and an essential tool for management of polling results.

CredenceTWO is designed, engineered and manufactured in California, USA.

One Platform, Many Applications

Benefit Delivery

Government benefit deliveries, pension distributions, unemployment claims, support for poor/under privileged, disaster victims, voter ID, and more.

Transaction Security

Safe transactions, paring identity and location in real time.

Medical Services

Hospitals, medication distribution, HIPAA compliance, insurance processing & claims.

Time and Attendance

Monitoring solutions for schools, factories, and airports.