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Universal Identity Document Reading on a Smart Mobile Biometrics Platform

CredenceONE-MRZ™ expands on the CredenceONE platform by including an integrated travel document reader (ICAO 9303). Its compact design and long battery life make it the ideal choice for mobile identity checks using fingerprint and facial recognition in combination with a contact and contactless smart-card reader, as well an MRZ reader. Operators no longer have to switch equipment depending on the document presented. All of these features are provided on a state of the art Android platform that makes it easy for developers to create multiple applications that are intuitive for the operator. 3G cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS all come standard on CredenceONE-MRZ™ as well. Match a subject’s identity against a multitude of documents, or against an onboard database, or securely send a request to a remote AFIS database over any cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Biometrics and Credentials

CredenceONE-MRZ™ features four robust sensors on-board. It offers a completely integrated smart card reader system (contact & contactless), a MRZ scanner, a facial recognition camera and a fingerprint sensor. In combination, these sensors can authenticate an individual against their ID cards such as most state, local and national ID cards, TWIC, CAC, PIV cards and all ICAO 9303 passports as well. For facial recognition, CredenceONE-MRZ™ provides a 5 MP, high resolution and auto-focusing camera with native Android API support. The camera can also be used to read 2D and 1D barcodes. The fingerprint sensor is a FIPS-201 certified, 500 DPI capacitive fingerprint sensor, renowned for its reliability, durability and large international installed base.


CredenceONE-MRZ’s mobility is complemented by its 4-inch, capacitive, sunlight readable, LCD touch screen. The device exploits a dual-core processor, concentrating enormous power in a compact design.

Connectivity is easy and fast with a wide range of connectivity options, including dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G cellular networking. Further enhancing its mobility is the built in GPS feature, allowing the full benefits of geo-location, geo-fencing, time stamping and other location-based services.

Open Development Environment

CredenceONE-MRZ™ offers a fully open development platform, enabling complete application customization on a biometric device. The Android operating system allows developers around the world to create an endless number of intuitive and functional applications. The platform extends the open Android development framework to include additional biometric and card reader functions. This allows developers to use all preexisting Android application templates when designing their own interface on the CredenceONE-MRZ™. The developer controls what they want to achieve. By providing a sensible and well-known program platform driven by Android, CredenceONE-MRZ™ opens up an unlimited number of application development options.

One Platform, Many Applications


Know Your Customer Applications for Banks, Telecom-SIM Card Registrations, Healthcare and Insurance Providers, etc.

Border and Public Security

Strong authentication for secure facilities, Airports, Rail Stations, Seaports, etc.

Benefit Delivery

Government benefit deliveries, pension distributions, unemployment claims, support for poor/under privileged, disaster victims, voter ID, and more.

Transaction Security

Safe transactions, paring identity and location in real time.