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Credence ID Launches New Full Featured Handheld Biometric Platform with Enhanced Document Reading Capabilities

Credence ID Launches New Full Featured Handheld Biometric Platform with Enhanced Document Reading Capabilities

Emeryville, California, USA. February 18, 2015

Credence ID, a leading provider of secure mobile biometric and credential authentication platforms, announced today the launch of its CredenceOneMRZ™ handheld solution. This new device is engineered to provide identity assurance of individuals using a powerful combination of biometrics and secure document reading capabilities.

“CredenceOne-MRZ is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of agencies and commercial entities that require handheld document reading along with the power of biometrics to provide strong identity validation”, said Bruce Hanson, president and CEO of Credence ID.

The Android™-based device is designed to quickly read various smart credentials containing securely encrypted biometric and biographic data and then verify the subject’s identity by matching them with a live scan of their fingerprint and/or face.

“With the new MRZ capability, CredenceOne-MRZ is the perfect fit for Gemalto’s Coesys Secure Solutions for Document Verification. It allows multi-ID document verification including biometric authentication for eGov applications. CredenceOne-MRZ paired with a handheld platform is extending our market reach in these security and KYC (Know Your Client) segments”, noted Lionel Jean, Vice President, Integration, Consulting & Services Director of Gemalto Government Programs.

CredenceOne-MRZ includes all of the features of the previously released CredenceOne™ device including a full-feature SDK, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, contact and contactless card reading but extends that capability to include an integrated MRZ reader for travel documents. The device can verify the identity of an individual by using their fingerprint and a presented credential. The operator can also match to an on board database or transmit and match a subject’s biometric to a remote database (AFIS) using the Wi-Fi or a cellular network. This combination of sensors and readers can authenticate an individual when matched to their ID cards such as state, local and national ID cards, TWIC, CAC, PIV cards and all ICAO 9303 compliant passports. The integrated 5MP camera can also be used to read 1D and 2D (QR) barcodes.

About Credence ID Products

All Credence ID products are designed to meet the needs of biometric enabled civil, commercial, military and law enforcement programs that demand mobility and reliable biometric capture in all possible lighting conditions along with the openness and scalability of the Android OS. Devices provide operators with the ability to execute matches both onboard the device or over multiple communications networks including cellular and Wi-Fi. Standard features also include GPS for automatic geolocation and Bluetooth for connecting peripherals such as bar code readers and printers.

About Credence ID

Credence ID, LLC. is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area and focuses exclusively on biometric innovation to create elegant and easy to use mobile products. The company possesses extensive technical expertise in projects involving mobile fingerprint, iris and facial recognition technologies and offers a broad line of mobile products capable of enrollment, identification and verification.

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You can find the PDF version of the press release here: Announcement CredenceOne-MRZ