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Credence ID Brings Mobile Device Management and Geographic Information System to Users of Mobile ID Devices

The Company Enhances Leadership Team Adding Seasoned Identity Executive to Oversee this Vital Management Platform.

EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA — Credence ID, a worldwide leader in mobile biometrics and credential reading technology, today announced the release of CredenceCONNECT™, a web-based management tool for mobile ID deployments. Credence ID’s award-winning devices can now be geo-located, mapped, monitored for usage, analyzed and remotely updated from any web browser. This solution provides Credence ID partners and system administrators with a unified platform for managing their mobile ID devices and the application software running on their fleets. In addition, it enables valuable secure remote analysis of the performance and usage data generated by each device in real time.

Concurrent with the launch of CredenceCONNECT the company announced the appointment of Sanjay Patel, a seasoned identification technology leader, as its new Director of Products. Mr. Patel will be focused on customer success related to CredenceCONNECT and ensuring every Credence ID partner derives maximum value from this powerful tool.

“CredenceCONNECT is a powerful, multi-tenant, software-as-a-service platform, which is securely accessible from any web browser, making it an indispensable management tool for administrators responsible for deploying, tracking, analyzing and updating a geographically dispersed fleet of mobile ID devices. It has never been easier to deploy flexible mobile ID solutions out-of-the-box and manage the entire lifecycle at such a granular level,” said Mr. Patel.

Applications running on a mobile ID device are likely to be project specific or client specific, therefore Credence ID developed a first of its kind Identification App Marketplace (IAM) to allow for the procurement and management of applications for common ID tasks, such as civil enrollment or verification and for applications that are client developed and require secure access.

“As an enterprise-class device manufacturer and software developer we understand that efficientlymaintaining a large-scale deployment is essential to the success of any ID project,” said Yash Shah, Credence ID’s Chief Technology Officer. “Customers are looking for long term success in their ID programs. CredenceCONNECT can perform detailed diagnostics remotely on any device in the fleet, at a component level. The mobile ID device can be configured to send automatic alerts and notifications to the system administrator signaling potential issues that can be quickly resolved to keep the ID project performing at optimal levels,” Mr. Shah added.

About Credence ID:

Credence ID, LLC is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses exclusively on mobile biometrics and credential reading technology delivering an easy-to-use ID platform which consists of hardware, the Credence SDK for Android developers and CredenceCONNECT™ for program administrators. The company possesses extensive technical expertise in projects involving mobile fingerprint, iris, facial recognition and credential reading technologies, and offers a broad line of mobile products capable of enrollment, identification, verification and software management tools to partners worldwide.

For more information on Credence ID, please visit www.credenceid.com +1-888-243-5452, or sales@credenceid.com.

You can find the PDF version here: Credence ID Brings Mobile Device Management and Geographic Information System to Users of Mobile ID Devices