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Credence ID Announces Production and Availability of CredenceTWO™

Credence ID Announces Production and Availability of CredenceTWOan Industry First for Mobile Biometric Authentication Technology

Rugged, compact handheld device is first to combine Android 7.1 (Nougat), an enrollment quality FAP 30 fingerprint scanner, a contact and contactless smart card reader and a 5-inch HD multi-touch display.

EMERYVILLE, CA, USA – February 20, 2018 — Credence ID today announced CredenceTWO, a significant breakthrough in mobile biometrics and credential reading. This innovative device seamlessly integrates the industry’s highest quality full-fingerprint scanner with a versatile smartcard reader, a sophisticated camera with dual illumination, a large LCD display and Credence’s award-winning single board computer (SBC) to enable multiple enrolment and verification solutions. This handheld device combined with the powerful Credence ID SDK, empowers developers to write Android applications for virtually any identity-based project.

The device comes with a robust array of communication capabilities including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G/LTE cellular connectivity for both GSM and CDMA networks. Even with all these communication options and sensors, the device can easily fit in your hand and runs all day on a single charge.

The company simultaneously announced two major deployments of the new device. A project in Latin America is for law enforcement to use CredenceTWO when looking for individuals with warrants for their arrest at the time of an encounter. Another project in West Africa is deploying the platform for mobile large-scale time and attendance tracking of workers at geographically dispersed locations to eliminate the problem of “ghost workers”.

“We are very excited about the release of this new addition to our product line and these first two major projects to embrace the platform. We see growing worldwide demand for high quality mobile ID technology,” said Bruce Hanson, Credence ID President & CEO. “The CredenceTWO was developed for broad use across many ID applications such as law enforcement, border control, social service distribution, know-your-customer (KYC) for telecom, banking and healthcare, where a mobile enrollment or verification device is the only practical method for identifying someone receiving a benefit or executing a transaction. For example, in remote locations, the identity of a patient can be verified where the individual receives healthcare, rather than transporting them to a centralized facility. Law enforcement can remotely identify criminals or terrorists which improves public safety and the safety of agents. At a border crossing, an individual can be identified and potentially adjudicated at the point of an encounter without the need to first transport them to another location.”

CredenceTWO can quickly read a credential document (smart card) and extract embedded biometric and biographic data on the card and then compare that to their live fingerprint or facial scan to verify the person’s ID. If the person doesn’t have a card, CredenceTWO can submit the fingerprint or facial image to an onboard database or wirelessly send to a remote database (AFIS) for matching. The FBI-Certified FAP 30 fingerprint reader is extremely rugged and can deliver high quality scans under difficult conditions where dirt, heat, cold and direct sunlight would cause problems for less advanced devices.

“A smart, fast and reliable handheld ID device provides significant benefits for law enforcement, border control, and humanitarian assistance,” said Rob Garrigan, Credence ID Head of Global Sales. “With about 3.5 billion people lacking an adequate means of identifying themselves, many people in developing countries have challenges receiving even the most basic services because until now it has been difficult for them to be enrolled or identified. CredenceTWO enables an agent to enroll or confirm the identity of people where they live and work. This vastly improves the efficacy and accuracy of virtually all outreach programs with minimal disruption to workflow and people’s daily lives.”

CredenceTWO is designed, engineered and manufactured in Silicon Valley, California and is CE and FCC certified and RoHS compliant. Registered partners can order the device with or without the smart card reader. Credence ID will be demonstrating the CredenceTWO at the ID4Africa conference (April 24-26) in Abuja Nigeria, Booth C16.

About Credence ID:

Credence ID, LLC. is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses exclusively on mobile biometrics and credential reading technology delivering an easy-to-use ID platform which consists of hardware and the Credence SDK for Android developers. The company possesses extensive technical expertise in projects involving mobile fingerprint, iris, facial recognition and credential reading technologies, and offers a broad line of mobile products capable of enrollment, identification, and verification.

For more information on Credence ID, please visit www.credenceid.com +1-888-243-5452, or sales@credenceid.com.

You can find the PDF version here: Credence ID Launches CredenceTWO