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Take Control of Your Mobile ID Deployments

CredenceCONNECT™ provides mobile ID device administrators with services, analytics and tools to optimize an entire fleet of mobile ID devices deployed anywhere in the world.

This powerful and secure web application is accessible from any browser. This is an indispensable management tool for deploying, tracking, analyzing, and updating your fleet of identification devices.

Keep track of all your devices and users as they perform enrollments, verifications and get updates as they move from one location to another. Download specific ID applications and utilities on each device or easily update one to many devices to the latest version of your applications or OS without the need to recall devices back to base.

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Proven Applications

CredenceCONNECT provides full-featured applications for biometric enrollment, identification and verification with integrated document reading and authentication capability.

Analytics & Intelligence

Track and report on each device’s activity. The number of enrollments, verifications, fingerprint/face captures and card reads. These instances are now available to administrators for reporting on individual or multiple devices in the field at any given time.

Lifecycle Management

CredenceCONNECT provides all necessary tools required for the complete lifecycle of large fleets of devices such as zero-touch registration of multiple devices, remote diagnostics, over-the-air (OTA) software updates and more. Experience how easy it is to set up and deploy 10 to 10,000 devices.


CredenceCONNECT features an app marketplace where you will find proven applications that help you utilize Credence ID devices to the fullest. Additionally, you can develop your own applications in a private apps store and install only on your devices.

Getting Started Is Easy

CredenceCONNECT provides real-time data and analytics on all registered devices.

  • Devices arrive at your specified location fully cataloged and pre-registered so that you can deploy to the field with zero-touch.
  • Cloud-connected enterprise applications are pre-installed and can be customized per your specifications and requirements.
  • No minimum quantity of devices required.

Sample of pre-registered devices populated on CredenceCONNECT upon shipment

Sample screenshots of VIBE application

Scaling Up for Large Deployments

  • Pre-Registered devices including serial numbers, IMEI, and Android ID.
  • A separate inventory management system not required.
  • Factory installed software ensures successful deployments out-of-the-box.
  • Over the air (OTA) updates for applications and OS to guarantee your fleet stays up to date.
  • Devices and users can be organized for efficient rollout and management.

Post Deployment Analytics

CredenceCONNECT provides real-time data and analytics on all registered devices.

  • Generate activity reports by device, timeframe and location, such as: How many enrollments? How many verifications? How many card reads?
  • Check what software (and version) is licensed on a single or a group of devices.
  • Track and map all your devices.
  • Remotely lock any device in the fleet.

Sample analytics charts for type of devices deployed and active device per given time frame

Remote mobile device diagnostics on CredenceCONNECT platform

Remote Support & Diagnostics

  • Remotely diagnose devices using pre-installed comprehensive test suite.
  • Receive automatic failure notifications with required logs for troubleshooting.
  • Send software updates over the air (OTA).
  • Create and track returns/repairs directly from the CredenceCONNECT dashboard.