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US Department of Commerce names Credence ID CEO, Bruce Hanson, to sit on the Presidential Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA)

Mr. Hanson will immediately begin a two-year term advising the administration on issues and challenges U.S. companies face as participants in commercial transactions throughout Africa.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – June 17, 2019 — The U.S. Department of Commerce announced today that Bruce Hanson, Chief Executive Officer, President & Founder of Credence ID, has been appointed to the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa. The PAC-DBIA advises the President, through the Secretary of Commerce, Wilber Ross, on ways to strengthen commercial engagements between the United States and Africa.

Previous President’s Advisory Councils delivered valuable recommendations to current and former administrations, including a report analyzing the top three obstacles faced by U.S. companies doing business in Africa. These included how U.S. companies should initially approach African markets, ongoing competition for business opportunities in light of foreign business practices, and how U.S. companies could improve the operation and expansion of their businesses on the ground. The Council also produced a report of actionable recommendations to the President on how the U.S. Government might address the identified barriers. “I am looking forward to building on the effort and guidance of the previous council members,” said Mr. Hanson. “Many challenges remain to be addressed related to improving the policies and practices which may facilitate U.S.-Africa trade engagements. The U.S. must keep the people of Africa and their welfare as the highest priority in addressing the impact of foreign business practices in some areas of Africa”, he added.

Under Mr. Hanson’s leadership, Credence ID has been working with African partners on projects throughout the continent since 2014. Deployments of identification solutions can be found in Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Morocco, and Ghana. Student matriculation and verification, health care delivery, banking and microfinance, social benefits distribution and public safety all benefit from the mobile identification and the empowerment of citizens that Credence ID solutions provide.

In a letter to Mr. Hanson, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross said, “I am sure your experience will prove invaluable in providing the President with advice and counsel to strengthen commercial engagement between the United States and Africa.”

This week Credence ID is presenting on a recent healthcare delivery project in Senegal at the fifth annual meeting of ID4AFRICA in Johannesburg, South Africa.

More about PAC-DBIA can be found at: https://www.trade.gov/pac-dbia/

About Credence ID:

Credence ID, LLC. is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses exclusively on mobile biometrics and credential reading technology delivering an easy-to-use ID platform which consists of hardware and the Credence SDK for Android developers. The company possesses extensive technical expertise in projects involving mobile fingerprint, iris, facial recognition and credential reading technologies, and offers a broad line of mobile products capable of enrollment, identification, and verification.

For more information on Credence ID, please visit www.credenceid.com +1-888-243-5452, or sales@credenceid.com.

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